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Toolcraft BCG 308 DLC Carrier 9310 MPI Bolt BLEM GRADE A

Brand: Toolcraft Inc.
Product Code: TC308-013.A
Availability: In Stock

I have a few BCG's that were shipped from Toolcraft to me as new, but hand picked out a few with a rougher finish or small blems.  Therefore I'm selling a few of these with small blemishes that do not affect function.  All BLEM products are offered as 100% operationally guaranteed by Toolcraft but are non-returnable for cosmetic blem reasons.

Bolt Carrier:
Material: 8620 steel
Gas Key Material: 4140
Gas Key Screws: Grade 8,  Staked
Coating: Ion Bond (DLC Tribo-41) coating2

MPI Inspected3
Material: 9310  Alloy Steel 
Extractor: 4140 Heat Treated & Shot Peened 
Mil-Spec O-Ring
Milspec Gas rings (3)
Finish: Ion Bond DLC

Cam Pin:
8620 steel DLC
Finish: Ion Bond DLC

Firing Pin:
Centerless ground 8740 steel, hard chrome coated.
Standard 0.075" firing pin diameter.
They are completely compatible with 6.5C ammunition, however we do offer a double ejector 6.5C Toolcraft BCG.

1.  WCArmory has been selling Toolcraft bolt carrier groups since 2009.  Toolcraft stands behind their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Toolcraft BCGs are proudly made in North Carolina.
2.  All BCG assemblies are supplied 100% direct from Toolcraft to WCArmory, direct to you.
3.  All Toolcraft bolts are MPI inspected, but not necessarily marked MPI.  WCArmory requests MPI marked bolts but Toolcraft can not guarantee that all MPI inspected bolts will be MPI marked.  Email WCArmory for this disclaimer from the Toolcraft Operations Manager and or to request I verify a particular item(s) is(are) MPI marked for you.

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