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Microbest BCG 556 Chrome C158 LUXE Phos Ext+Gas Key

Brand: MicroBest
Product Code: 0481
Availability: Out Of Stock


- All-Chrome Except for Phosphate Extractor and Phosphate Gas Key
LUXE UPGRADES (listed in blue italics for your viewing pleasure)
- Sprinco 27001 Extractor Spring, 5-coil 
- Sprinco 27001 Ejector Spring, Enhanced Chrome Silicon Moly Plated Cryogenic Processed
- OCKS Gas Key Fasteners

Bolt Carrier:
Heavy Duty M16 design
8620 steel heat treated
Gas Key Material - 4140 heat treated
OCKS Gas Key Fasteners
Chrome plated gas key and carrier interior
Hard chrome finish

Bolt Subassembly:
Bolt: 158 Carpenter Steel, shot peened per mil spec
MPI tested
Extractor: 4340 mil spec, mil spec finish
Extractor Pin: S7 mil spec
Extractor Spring: Sprinco 27001 5-coil Extractor Spring
Extractor Insert: Mil-Spec Black Extractor Insert
Extractor O-Ring: NO - This version uses the extractor insert instead
Ejector Pin: S7 mil spec
Ejector Spring: Sprinco 27001 Enhanced Chrome Silicon Moly Plated Cryogenic Processed
Gas rings: Three (3), Mil spec
Chrome plated

Cam Pin:
4340 mil spec
Hard chrome finish

Firing Pin:
Mil spec firing pin made from centerless ground 8740 steel, hard chrome plated

What these are, what these are not.
  • These Chrome LUXE BCG's by Microbest represent an excellent value for those of you who want the Microbest reliability, a durable easy to clean chrome finish, OCKS screws, and some key upgrades and SPRINCO components.  However, these are not a prestine hand assembled hand polished product.  They are mass produced and do pass MB's QA/QC as well as WCA's hand sort for blems.  There may be some small tooling marks in non critical areas such as the top of the gas key etc.
  • Tooling marks may be present on the Microbest Chrome Plated Bolt Carrier Groups. We do hand sort our BCG's for blems that are outside the normal manufacturing parameters, and sell those as a BLEM product, but we do not consider normal tooling marks as blems. Tooling marks are cosmetic and have zero effect on function.
  • The OCKS screws are not "clocked" as they might be on a $250 hand assembled BCG. Our Microbest BCG's are assembled by qualified technicians @ Microbest, but they do not "clock" the screws to line up with the stakes. The OCKS screws are properly torqued, then the gas key is properly staked.

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