Pickup Schedule

Your items are picked and are ready for pickup.  

  1. email info@wcarmory.com with your pickup date/time so we can be sure we have your items with us on the time/dates below.
  2. We only bring products for appointments that have been confirmed by you via email.  We need a reply before midnight the day before you'd like to pickup, i.e. we can't honor late pickup requests for the same day.
  3. Please try to bring exact change when paying in cash.  If paying by credit card and did not pick that option when placing your order, please let us know in your confirmation email so that we can bring our credit card reader.
  4. The times below are firm.  No early or late pickups or special exceptions will be honored, we have day jobs besides WCArmory, and we'd like to keep them wink.‚Äč

WALGREENS pickup location < Walgreens, 10600 W Parmer, Austin TX 78717 > Google maps link attached.   Bill will be parked in the Walgreens parking lot, facing parmer ave.  Bill will most likely be riding a black BMW motorcycle if the weather is nice, or driving a yellow Dodge 1500 pickup white Ram Cargo Van  if the weather is not nice.      Call when you're in the lot.  Bill's Phone:  (586) 601-4308.

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